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  • Akash Shyam

    Akash Shyam

    Typescript Enthusiast, React Fan, Fullstack Web Dev, Part Time Freelancer

  • Breno Ferreira

    Breno Ferreira

    Software engineer. Coffee addict

  • SnowBit


    I am 16 years old and have an intention to become a successful developer- I usually write about JavaScript and share some tips about it. Happy Coding!

  • Ana Paula Lessa

    Ana Paula Lessa

  • Cody Collins

    Cody Collins

    Top writer in Investing, Economics, Technology, and Business. Check out my publication on Medium: Yard Couch. Email: cjcollins1997@gmail.com

  • Jared A. Brock

    Jared A. Brock

    Helping you navigate life in an age of democratic destruction, ecological collapse, & economic irrelevance. Free newsletter+podcast: www.surviving-tomorrow.com

  • Beau Beauchamp

    Beau Beauchamp

    Technology entrepreneur. Web application architect. Paranormal sci-fi romance writer.

  • Harsha Vardhan

    Harsha Vardhan

    Engineer, Photographer, Tech Blogger. Builds products and writes for developers. I love to code and love to help others code :)

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